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  • Japan おや!?ヒヤマのようすが…!
  • Japan Oya!? Hiyama no yōsu ga…!
  • Japan What?! Hiyama is...!


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Cram Adventures Into a Pocket

Japanese Summary:


桧山(笠松将)と一緒に東京ショートフィルムコンテストに参加することにしたまどか(西野七瀬)。2人で企画会議をするものの、営業だからと一向に案を出さない桧山のスタンスが気になるまどかは、気分転換にポケモンの通信対戦を持ちかける。まどかのリザードンと桧山が案を出さない理由をかけ対戦をすることに。桧山の戦略に苦戦するまどか… そして最後の攻撃を仕掛けられたまどかは大ピンチ!大逆転を起こせるのか…!そして、二人が考えたコンペの内容と結果はいかに!?

Japanese Summary Translation:

Madoka and Hiyama enter a competition! Unable to decide on a plan, the two decide to play a game for a change of pace! Furthermore, Hiyama's past is revealed...

Madoka (Nanase Nishino) decide to participate in the Tokyo Short Film Contest with Hiyama (Masaru Kasamatsu), and the two have a planning meeting, but Madoka is concerned about Hiyama's stance of not coming up with any ideas since he is a salesman, so she suggests a Pokémon link battle for a change of pace. Madoka with her Lizardon and Hiyama decide to play against each other to figure out why they haven't come up with a plan. Madoka struggles with Hiyama's battle strategy...
Madoka is in big trouble when Hiyama launches his final attack! Will she be able to make a big comeback...? What will be the result of the competition?
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