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Satoshi's Zuruggu
Start/End Dates 2011-01-27 through 2011-02-10
Country Japan Japan


The official Japanese Pokémon website announced this Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection download event for Pokémon Black and White. The 17th episode of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes featured the hatching of Satoshi's egg and Zuruggu becoming Satoshi's latest Pokémon. To celebrate this event, players of the Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White had the opportunity to download Satoshi's Zuruggu (サトシのズルッグ).

The official sites news release stated that this event would start on January 28th, 2011 and go until February 10th, 2011 [2011年1月28日(金)~2月10日(木)] but the event was activated right after Pocket Monsters Best Wishes 18 aired.

Pokémon Details
Pokéball: Cherish Ball
Species: Scraggy
Nickname: ズルッグ
OT Name: サトシ
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Hardy
Shiny: Unknown