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28 Feb 2024 02:29 PM
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Pokémon Sleep has announce that Version 1.3.0 will be released on February 29th, 2024, and it has New Features and Game Contents.

Notice: Maintenance and Version 1.3.0 Update

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep! Maintenance will be conducted during the following time period to update the app.

Maintenance Period:
Starts: 2024/02/28 20:00
Ends: 2024/02/29 00:30

New Features

■ Addition of a new product, Trial Bundle.
■ Addition of a subsection on the Stats page (viewable from the Edit Teams screen) to display the effects of helper Pokémon’s sub skills.
• This makes it possible to view each team member’s helping frequency with the effects of Helping Bonus applied.
■ When a player uses a Helper Whistle, the effects will be calculated based on the frequency listed under Helping Stats on the Stats page (viewable from the Edit Teams screen).
• This applies the effects of the sub skill Helping Bonus when a Helper Whistle is used.
Note: The effects of event bonuses or items such as a Good Camp Ticket are not applied when a Helper Whistle is used.
■ Addition of a new parameter to search Pokémon by: Sub Skills.
■ Addition of a new Relaxing Sound, “Game Sync.”

Sleep Tracking

■ Changes to the End Sleep Session button so a session stops with a slide rather than a tap.
• This makes it more difficult to end a sleep session by accidentally tapping the button.

Game Contents

■ Research rank, helper Pokémon max levels, and other limits unlocked.
• Research rank: 50 → 55
• Pokémon level: 50 → 55
• Max levels of certain main skills: 6 → 7
• Charge Strength S
• Charge Strength M
• Dream Shard Magnet S
Note: Other main skills’ max levels are scheduled to be gradually unlocked in later updates.
• Recipe level: 50 → 55
• Max expanded capacity of the bag’s items pocket: 600 → 700


■ Details added to explanatory text for certain items, such as the Helper Whistle and the Good Camp Ticket.
■ Other small bug fixes.

Source: https://www.pokemonsleep.net/en/news/4952/