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20 Aug 1998 03:00 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: けっせん!グレンジム!/Kessen! Guren Gym!/Volcanic Panic. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
21 Aug 2008 06:11 PM
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most epic ep of season1 !
06 Sep 2014 09:56 AM
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Having been through a hard battle at the Guren Gym, Satoshi decides to relax in the hot springs of Guren Island together with his exhausted Pikachu.

However, he refuses to accept defeat and, despite Takeshi and Kasumi's protests, prepares himself for a rematch.

Just then, the hot spring starts shaking. The group assumes something must be going on underneath the spring, and rush down into the underground cave.

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Mayumi Iizuka: Kasumi
Yuji Ueda: Takeshi
Megumi Hayashibara: Musashi
Shinichiro Miki: Kojiro
Inuko Inuyama: Nyarth
Toshiya Ueda: Katsura
Satomi Korogi: Togepi
Rikako Aikawa: Zenigame
Katsuyuki Konishi: Boober
Koichi Sakaguchi: Arbok
Unsho Ishizuka: Narration