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Title: SPH 46: Roketto-dan Ai to Seishun no Genten / Kimori no dai ...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: Roketto-dan Ai to Seishun no Genten / Kimori no dai League Report/ロケット団 愛と青春の原点 / キモリの大リーグレポート. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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Title: Re: SPH 46: Roketto-dan Ai to Seishun no Genten / Kimori no ...
A blue sky lined with white clouds. And as usual, the familiar figures of the Rocket Gang, shouting "This feels bad!" as they get blasted away. As all three of them complain about their respective hardships in life, the topic happens to shift to their days in Rocket Gang Training Camp.

At Training Camp, the trainees were divided into two groups, red and blue, with those performing the best in each respective group forming that group's Top Team. Then, a final test is held to choose the official "Top One" of the Rocket Gang.

By pure coincidence, Musashi ends up being chosen to be the leader of the red group's Top Team, but her personality has caused the 12 teams she's been part of so far to get dissolved. Finding a person who wants to be her partner appears impossible.

Instructor Viper then introduces her to Kojiro, who claims to have never ran away from anything. The two are then joined by Nyarth, a Pokémon that can speak human language, before getting faced with their final test. Will these three, each with wildly different pasts, really manage to clear the test and get a hold of the "Top One" title......!?

Voice Cast:
Megumi Hayashibara: Musashi
Shinichiro Miki: Kojiro
Inuko Inuyama: Nyarth
Masako Katsuki: Yamato
Takehito Koyasu: Kosaburo
Hirotaka Suzuoki: Sakaki
Seizo Kato: Instructor Viper
Takayuki Yamaguchi: Jubei
Chie Sato: Speaker Voice
Katsuyuki Konishi: Subordinate
Rica Matsumoto: Persian
Yuji Ueda: Ratta
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