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05 Oct 2008 01:34 AM
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This was by far one of the best episodes of Pokemon Sunday in ages. In this weeks episode, the international acclaimed bubble artist Fan Yang visits the Pokemon Sunday team. He does a performance for them to show off some of his skills. The bubble show was absolutely incredible. He was able to do things with the bubbles that were amazing. It's quite obvious that he couldn't speak Japanese, as when he was asked what his favourite Pokemon was, he was surprised that it was his turn to speak. He also looked like he was reading his answers of a teleprompter. Obviously his favourite Pokemon is Pochama. Professor Red seemed to like being in the bubble with Shoko-tan, heh.

The cast also seemed to have received new outfits as the last ones they had were quite tight. I hope they do more episodes like this in the future instead of recap quiz shows like they did last week.
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05 Oct 2008 03:00 AM
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05 Oct 2008 04:53 PM
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This was a good episode but the part with the cards was a little boring for me.