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Title: PS 305: ミカルゲの要石! / 「第3回ポケサン最強王者決定戦!」、しょこたん部長はシード&本気バトルに奇跡が・・...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ミカルゲの要石! / 「第3回ポケサン最強王者決定戦!」、しょこたん部長はシード&本気バトルに奇跡が・・・ / ポケモンBW「最新情報」/Mikaruge no kanameishi! / 'Dai3kai PokéSun saikyō ōja ketteisen!', Shokotan-buchō wa seed & honki battle ni kiseki ga... / Pokémon BW 'saishin jōhō' . Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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Title: Re: PS 305: ミカルゲの要石! / 「第3回ポケサン最強王者決定戦!」、しょこたん部長はシード&本気バトルに奇...
lol at the DS-shaped lunchbox.
I do sometimes wonder if they actually play the game for real and train their own Pokemon.
I really thought Shoko had a shot when the Trick Room wore off!
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Title: Re: PS 305: ミカルゲの要石! / 「第3回ポケサン最強王者決定戦!」、しょこたん部長はシード&本気バトルに奇...
I would assume so - I believe the show came into being because TIM were fans of the franchise and suggested they hosted a show like this.
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