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Title: FCC Votes to Kill Net Neutrality
The FCC in the United States has voted to allow ISP's in the United States to charge content providers on the Internet for faster preferential speeds. This practice is against the nature and intent of the Internet and many of the largest websites on the net were created because data transmissions were neutral allowing for fair competition.

By allowing companies to pay extra for faster speeds, smaller content providers and websites would be at a competitive disadvantage as their content would be slower to receive. recommends all residents of the United States to send a letter to the FCC to fight against this proposal and allow the Internet to continue to be open and neutral.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has created a new website called Dear FCC where residents of the United States can send the FCC a letter voicing their concern. Please take the time and send in the letter. Be sure to change the "Tell your story" part to personalize the message.

EFF Link:

If you are not a resident of the United States, OpenMedia has also posted a form to let the FCC Chairman know that these new rules would "impose expensive new fees on smaller websites that would create an Internet Slow Lane for everyone except giant conglomerates."

OpenMedia Link: OpenMedia

Other Informational Links:
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