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Rika Adachi and Iwai from Haraichi visit Pokénchi! Their love for Pokémon is so strong even the hosts get excited! Don't miss the Pokémon Cooking or the battle between Hyadain and Iwai either!

"A Pokémon Attempt!"
This time the hosts try to make Pokémon art with pancakes together with Rika Adachi and Iwai from Haraichi! While the hosts are awed by the pancakes the skilled artists Shokotan and Iwai come up with, a certain person's work of art attracts their attention...
"Pokémon Battle"
Hyadain VS Iwai from Haraichi

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Rika Adachi, Yuki Iwai (from Haraichi)