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17 Apr 2016 01:28 PM
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A new news article has been posted!
The official Pokémon movie website has updated the movie blog and "Celebrity Pokémon Fans' "I Choose You"". Translations follow:

Celebrity Pokémon Fans' "I Choose You" #2: Somegoro Ichikawa

I'm voting for Pikachu, who is just as much a household name worldwide as kabuki is!

Nyarth's Pokémon Elections Diary #2: Votes are currently being accepted!

The voting for the "Pokémon Elections 720" has started!
Have you guys voted for me?
I'm concerned about the state of the voting...!

What? You don't know how to vote!?
Guess I have no choice, after all, this is for the sake of an honest vote:
I'll explain the system. Listen carefully!

There's an entire five different ways to vote!
I wrote a note about them, so look carefully at this.

(1) Vote directly through Pokémon Center and Toys 'R' Us stores!
(2) Obtain a ballot with a Voting Code and vote via the Internet!
(3) Use a Nintendo 3DS to vote through 7-Eleven!
(4) Vote via the data broadcast for the anime TV series "Pocket Monsters XY&Z"!
(5) Vote with the postcard that comes with the May issue of Corocoro Comic!

Heh heh, I see!
For more detailed information, read this page carefully,
and you should all be able to easily vote!

Those of you reading this should probably vote via the Internet!
To vote via the Internet, you need a "Ballot with Voting Code", which you can get at theaters screening the Pokémon movie, Ito-Yokado stores, Aeon stores and the like!

*The Voting Code in the image is just a sample one

What!? You gave a vote to Pikachu after learning how to vote?
Aaagh! I lost a vote!

Everyone, give a vote to me!

Sources: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/election/comment.php and http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=1867