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Title: POKENCHI 52: ポケモンクッキングであばれる君と大食い女王・ギャル曽根さんが大食い対決! / ポケモンバトルで...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ポケモンクッキングであばれる君と大食い女王・ギャル曽根さんが大食い対決! / ポケモンバトルではロバート山本の様子が…? / Pokémon Cooking de Abareru-kun to ōkui joō Gal Sone-san ga ōkui taiketsu! / Pokémon battle de wa Robert Yamamoto no yōsu ga…? / During Pokémon Cooking, Abareru-kun and Gluttonous Queen Gal Sone Have an Eating Contest! / During the Pokémon Battle, Yamamoto from Robert Starts to...?. Please comment below!
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Title: Re: POKENCHI 52: ポケモンクッキングであばれる君と大食い女王・ギャル曽根さんが大食い対決! / ポケモン...
Gluttonous Queen Gal Sone visits Pokénchi and has an eating contest with Abareru-kun!? And the Pokémon battle is between expert players, as Hyadain and Yamamoto from Robert face each other. But what kind of dama takes place in a battle like that!?

Gluttonous Queen Gal Sone visits Pokénchi. The Pokénchi residents decide to do Pokémon Cooking for her since she eats so much, but will it work out all right?
We also get an eating contest between Gal Sone and Abareru-kun!
Also, Hyadain and Yamamoto from Robert have a Pokémon battle. As this high-level high unfolds, Yamamoto starts to...? Just what is going on!?

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Gal Sone, Hiroshi Yamamoto (from Robert) and Shinjiro Terada
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