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Title: POKENCHI 63: あばれる君がサン・ムーンでポケモン交換の旅へ、第1回目は栃木県!/Abareru-kun ga...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: あばれる君がサン・ムーンでポケモン交換の旅へ、第1回目は栃木県! / Abareru-kun ga Sun/Moon de Pokémon kōkan no tabi e, dai1kaime wa Tochigi-ken! / Abareru-kun Embarks on a Pokémon Trade Journey with Sun/Moon, the First Installment of Which Takes Place in Tochigi!. Please comment below!
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Title: Re: POKENCHI 63: あばれる君がサン・ムーンでポケモン交換の旅へ、第1回目は栃木県!/Abareru-ku...
Abareru-kun leaves Pokénchi to set off on a Pokémon Trade Journey. He will rush about all over Japan, aiming to complete the zukan purely by trading Pokémon! In this episode, which is set in Tochigi, he suddenly ends up in huge trouble after a series of incidents?

Abareru-kun sets off on a journey where he will rush about all over Japan, trading Pokémon in the video game "Pokémon Sun/Moon"! This is a journey where he aims to complete the zukan purely by trading... just what kind of journey will it end up being?! Today's episode is set in Tochigi. Abareru-kun and his Support Pokénd Miyu Koike search for Pokénds to trade Pokémon with, but there are none to be found... They decide to go to a place where Pokénds are likely to gather, but once they arrive, Abareru-kun is given a trial...?!
We also get Abareru-kun and Shokotan's mini segment where they teach you valuable information about the video games. This episode they'll present Pokémon that evolve under special conditions!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Support Pokénd for Abareru-kun's Trade Journey: Miyu Koike
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