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Title: POKENCHI 73: 最強のノーマルタイプ王を決める選手権を開催 / ヒャダインがノーマルタイプのポケモンだけであば...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: 最強のノーマルタイプ王を決める選手権を開催 / ヒャダインがノーマルタイプのポケモンだけであばれる君とバトル! / Saikyō no Normal type-ō wo kimeru senshuken wo kaisai / Hyadain ga Normal type no Pokémon dake de Abareru-kun to battle! / Holding a Championship to Crown the Ultimate Normal Type King / Hyadain Battles Abareru-kun Using Nothing But Normal Type Pokémon. Please comment below!
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Title: Re: POKENCHI 73: 最強のノーマルタイプ王を決める選手権を開催 / ヒャダインがノーマルタイプのポケモンだ...
In today's episode of Pokénchi, everyone are acting a bit different from how they usually do. All the residents dress up in plain clothes to hold a championship to crown the ultimate Normal type king! And even Chuei from Nagareboshi drops the jokes and becomes super normal?!

Nagareboshi visit Pokénchi and everyone hold a championship to crown the ultimate Normal type king! And this time, both Nagareboshi and the Pokénchi residents dress in plain clothes. Who is the most plain and normal of them all?!

Also, Hyadain and Abareru-kun clash against each other in a Pokémon battle! However, Hyadain uses nothing but Normal type Pokémon... will he manage to win against Abareru-kun?! Also, this time a certain legendary Pokémon battles for the first time on Pokénchi!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Hiroshi Yamamoto (from Robert) and Nagareboshi
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