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Abareru-kun creates the "Yang Park" inspired by the GO Park you can visit in "Pokémon Pika/Vui"?! He, Nicole Fujita and two members of HKT48 use it to try out positive yang games!

A "Yang Park" opens in Pokénchi?! Abareru-kun tries out the positive yang attractions he's created, inspired by "Pokémon Pika/Vui"'s minigame Go Park! He's joined by Nicole Fujita as well as Hana Matsuoka and Hinata Matsumoto from HKT48, and everyone has a great time! And of course, their guide is Let's Yang! Hyadain! And a certain other popular character appears as well?!
We also get a Pokémon battle between Shokotan and Nicolun!!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Nicole Fujita, Hana Matsuoka (from HKT48) and Hinata Matsumoto (from HKT48)