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Title: POKENCHI 281: ヒャダインの仕事場をレッツしらべる! / ティモンディ×しょこたんの「すごいとっくん」最終試...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ヒャダインの仕事場をレッツしらべる! / ティモンディ×しょこたんの「すごいとっくん」最終試験! /Hyadain no shigotoba wo let's shiraberu! / Timon D × Shokotan no "Sugoi Tokkun" saishū shiken! /Let's Investigate the Workplace of Hyadain! / The Final Exam of the Timon D x Shokotan "Hyper Training"!. Please comment below!
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Title: Re:POKENCHI 281: ヒャダインの仕事場をレッツしらべる! / ティモンディ×しょこたんの「すごいとっくん」...
Let's investigate the workplace of Hyadain, the music creator virtuoso who has composed songs for Momoclo, AKB48, DISH// and more!
We also get the final exam of the Timon D x Shokotan "Hyper Training"!

Abareru-kun finally starts the Shiraberu-kun theme song project! All Pokénds can participate in this theme song that will be produced by Hyadain!
She's just like Satoshi and Go?! We finally see the results of Shokotan's "Hyper Training" under Timon D, both graduates of regular Koshien contenders!! Aim for an 18 meter monster ball throw!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Timon D (Yuta Maeda and Hiroyuki Takagishi)
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