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Title: Anime Tie-in Audio Dramas Announced
The official Pokémon anime promo Twitter account has announced an upcoming audio drama series to celebrate the 100th episode of Pocket Monsters (2019). Translation follows:

Believe it or not, we're going to bring you two original audio dramas to celebrate the 100 episode milestone!

They are titled:
"What Dande Does in the Morning" (ダンデのとある朝)
"Sakuragi Park at Night" (夜のサクラギパーク)

The first drama, "What Dande Does in the Morning", will be released on the official Twitter account at 6:55pm tomorrow.

Look forward to it.


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Title: Re:Anime Tie-in Audio Dramas Announced
I'm glad they are doing an audio series like this to give the Pokémon franchise in general a different medium to tell stories and expand characters. It's been almost a decade since the Rocket Gang Radio series.
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