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Posted by: Adamant on 28 May 2014 15:12:14 (No. 22141)
"Going to the worlds of the mythical Pokémon with Cleffy's keys!!"
"This month, we're doing a grand showcase of the co-feature short! Lots and lots of mythical Pokémon appear in it!"

Victini's world
"A sky world filled with clouds. The clouds can be walked on, and the flying Victini can be found at the other end!"

Manaphy's world
"A world where many balls of water float around. It seems like Manaphy is one of the Pokémon living in the water here!"

Darkrai's world
"A mysterious, pitch-black world. Apparently Darkrai is somewhere in the darkness... are you able to find it!?"

Jirachi's world
"An extremely cold world completely covered in ice, with icebergs all over. Jirachi, which is said to only be awake once every thousand years, sleeps under the ice."

Picture blurbs:
"The keys lets you go to different worlds!"
"Cleffy loves keys. Its key collection is a mountainous heap."