Photos of this month's Corocoro were recently made available online, revealing a lot of new information on Pocket Monsters Black 2 White 2. The games will be released in Japan on June 23rd, 2012 for 4800yen each. The game will take place in Isshu 2 years after the original BW game and feature an all new plot, new areas including Hiougi City (ヒオウギシティ), where your new adventure will be starting and a new Regional Pokédex with roughly 300 Pokémon total. The game will have two new playable characters and a new rival, as well at least two new gym leaders, the Water type leader Shizui (シズイ) and the Poison type leader Homika (ホミカ). A mysterious researcher named Achroma (アクロマ) will also figure into the plot somehow.

New Miscellaneous Information:

  • Homika will be appearing in the Best Wishes anime series in an episode to air June 14th, 2012.
  • Black Kyurem knows Freeze Shock and White Kyurem knows Ice Burn.
  • New Unova Pokédex: Psyduck is #026, Riolu is #033 and Metagross is #254

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