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Multiple events relating to Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo have been announced recently.

7-Eleven Promotional Pokémon Lunch Boxes

Japanese 7-Eleven stores are to offer special "Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo"-themed lunchboxes during a limited period. The lunch boxes must be reserved online, and picked up at your local store at the reserved date and time. The lunch box contains a salmon/spinach rice ball, a ketchup rice ball, fried shrimp, napolitan spaghetti, salisbury steak, potato salad, broccoli and omelet, and comes with specially designed chopsticks, a handkerchief and a keychain. The boxes cost 1,280 yen a piece, and must be ordered prior to August 1st.

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Source: http://www.711net.jp/page/g/491019?adcd=fm109000

Toyopet Pokémon Festival

Toyota's Toyopet stores will be running a Pokémon campaign June 15th to June 24th. During this period, visitors can fill out a contest form, and be entered into a lottery. 24 000 winners will receive a special Tomica replica of the Pokémon Car known from Pokémon Smash, while 19 000 winners will receive a Toyopet Pokémon School set, containing a name tag, a pencilboard and a handkerchief. All entrants will also receive a set of Pokémon stickers.

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Source: http://toyota.jp/toyopet/sp10days2012/index.html

Nissay Preorder Ticket Giveaway

Insurance company Nihon Seimei ("Nissay") is currently running a movie ticket giveaway campaign. 200 sets of two special pre-order tickets for "Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo", complete with the voucher for the Keldeo event, will be given out through a raffle. Applicants can enter the raffle between June 1st and July 6th.

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Source: http://www.nissay.co.jp/enjoy/campaign/pokemon2012_index.html

Next Generation World Hobby Fair '12 Summer

The Pokémon franchise will be heavily represented at this year's Summer World Hobby Fair, which will be held June 30th and July 1st, as well. The girls from the International Division of Pokémon Smash will be present at the Pokémon booth, where they will offer quizzes, roleplay contests, and even let you dance the Mitemite Kotchitchi dance with them. The booth will also offer the latest news on both the movie and the TV shows "Best Wishes Season 2" and "Pokemon Smash", and a special stage show with the Pokémon Smash cast will be held as well. Tickets for this show will be give out through a raffle, and those interested can apply at http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/topics/whf12summer.php. 400 sets of 3 tickets will be given out.

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Source: http://www.whobby.com/

The Rocket Gang Secret Empire Pokémon Radio Station

As previously mentioned, Sakaki has opened a twitter account for the purpose of recruiting new Rocket Gang members. Recently, Sakaki had to leave on urgent business, and the account is currently being run by Nyarth, who has been using it to plug a Rocket Gang-themed radio show he is about to launch. A complete translation of all tweets from this account can be found here and is continuously updated. The show will premiere on InterFM (Tokyo 76.1 MHz/ Yokohama 76.5 MHz) Sunday July 1st, and will be broadcast every Sunday 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

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Sources: https://twitter.com/#!/Pokemon_Radio and http://www.interfm.co.jp/rocketdan/
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