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Diamond Ore Country.
A beautiful land located deep underground, where the "Jewel Pokémon" Melecie live in peace and prosperity.


In this country, a giant diamond known as the "Sacred Diamond" can be found. For ages, the Sacred Diamond has played the role of an important energy resource, which keeps the ore country going. The only being with the power to create this type of diamond is princess Diancie herself. However, Diancie does not yet possess this power.


Time is starting to run out. The Sacred Diamond's lifespan is about to run out. When that happens, the beautiful ore country is going to perish! Having encountered Satoshi and Pikachu, Diancie sets out on a journey to save her country; a journey in search of the "Life Pokémon" Xerneas, seeking its sacred power.


On their way, they get attacked by both the female thief Marilyn, the ninja thief Riot and the Rocket Gang, who all seek Diancie's powers for themselves.


They overcome these ordeals with some help from a girl named Miriss and her father Algus, and continue onwards, however, a cocoon lies in wait for them... a cocoon where the "Destruction Pokémon" Yveltal, which is said to have once eradicated all life in the Kalos region, sleeps....


A major crisis is approaching!! Will Diancie manage to save her country?
And what will happen to Satoshi and Pikachu!?


Character Profiles: Feature Film

Picture Biography
thumbnail Xerneas:
Known as the "Life Pokémon", it is said to grant life to both people and Pokémon. When Yveltal caused the "Great Destruction", it is said Xerneas was the only Pokémon able to oppose it.
Species: Life Pokémon
Type: Fairy
Ability: Fairy Aura
Height: 3.0 m
Weight: 215.0 kg
thumbnail Yveltal:
The Pokémon that once caused the "Great Destruction", which annihilated all life in the Kalos region. It is known as the "Destruction Pokémon", and is said to steal all life away. After it destroyed everything, Yveltal turned into a "Cocoon of Destruction", in which form it still sleeps today.
Species: Destruction Pokémon
Type: Dark/Flying
Ability: Dark Aura
Height: 5.8 m
Weight: 203.0 kg
thumbnail Diancie:
The princess of Diamond Ore Country. In order to gain the power to create a "Sacred Diamond", the Diamond Ore Country's energy source, she has set out on a journey to find Xerneas.
Species: Jewel Pokémon
Type: Rock/Fairy
Ability: Clear Body
Height: 0.7 m
Weight: 8.8 kg
thumbnail The Melecie:
The elder of Diamond Ore Country. Has personally witnessed the "Great Destruction".
Majima, Nite and Joke: The Diamond Ore Country's butlers. They serve Diancie, and accompany her on her journey.
thumbnail Marilyn Flame:
A beautiful female thief going after Diancie. Her partner is Mafoxy.
thumbnail Ninja Riot:
A ninja thief hiding his face with a mask who's going after Diancie. His partner is Gekkouga.
thumbnail The Rocket Gang:
To prevent the world's destruction! To protect the world's peace! They penetrate the evil of "Love" and "Truth"! The lovely, charmy villains! Aiming to conquer the world, they steal Pokémon from others, with Satoshi's Pikachu being their primary goal. This time, they have their eyes set on Diancie.
thumbnail Algus Steel:
Miriss' father. He owns a giant blimp, and loves chocolate.
thumbnail Miriss Steel:
Algus' daughter. She saved Diancie after it had been caught by the Rocket Gang. Her partner is Brigarron.
thumbnail Mega Absol:
The mega evolved form of Absol. When it mega evolves, its energy is amplified and its fur bristles up, looking almost like wings.
thumbnail Satoshi:
A Pokémon Trainer from Masara Town in the Kanto region. Together with his partner Pikachu, he has come to the Kalos region to pursue his dream of becoming a "Pokémon Master". He loves Pokémon more than anyone else, but hates crooked stuff. He has a strong heart and never gives up.
thumbnail Citron:
This boy is a Gym Leader. A talented inventor, his backpack is equipped with an Eipam Arm he is very proud of.
thumbnail Eureka:
Citron's little sister. A girl with a strong character who is always looking for brides for Citron. Citron lets her "keep" his Pokémon until she becomes a Pokémon Trainer.
thumbnail Serena:
A girl who lives in Kalos and loves to dress well. Apparently, she has met Satoshi somewhere before...!?

Movie Short

One day, the Key Ring Pokémon Cleffy appear before Pikachu and friends. When it inserts a key possessing mysterious powers into a keyhole floating in the air, the keyhole lights up and expands, and an incredible world spreads out before them all. That's right: Cleffy holds keys that unlock lots of all-new worlds! Pikachu obtains one of these keys, what kind of world will that take them to?


Cleffy: The Key Ring Pokémon. This Pokémon loves keys, and collects a lot of them. By using Cleffy's keys, you can go to mysterious other worlds.




Scouting Report

This time, Director Yuyama chose Canada as the country he would go scouting in. He went there in search of the landscapes where Yveltal would sleep, where Xerneas would hide, and Diancie would journey.

Part 1: The Pokémon Movies Enter a New Dimension!

The Pokémon Movies Enter a New Dimension!
As the new TV anime series started, the movies also received an all-new logo, being retitled "Pokémon the Movie XY" starting with this 17th installment, "The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie"!

This is the first time in 3 years we've gone on a location scouting, the last time being for "Victini and the Dark Hero Zekrom/Victini and the Light Hero Reshiram". The country Director Yuyama chose this time was Canada.

There, he would search for the landscapes where Yveltal would sleep, where Xerneas would hide, and Diancie would journey. The location scouting team, Director Yuyama included, boarded a plane and started their 6-days-long journey.

Interview with Director Yuyama

What kind of movie is "The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie"?
This year, we're doing a road movie for the first time in years. The setting of the movie will change many times as Satoshi and his friends continue their journey, from a medieval-esque town to a shopping mall in a modern city, all the way to the forbidden forest where the Cocoon of Destruction lies. The movie is themed around the group's interaction with Diancie and her butlers as they travel and the fun they all have as they move from place to place, and I think we managed to depict the fun Satoshi and the others have on their journeys better than ever before.

What kind of Pokémon is this new Mythical Pokémon "Diancie"?
The Diamond Ore Country is a country deep underground, where the Melecie live in peace and prosperity. Diancie is the princess of this country, but she's completely unaware of the outside world. She's coming out into the outside world for the first time, and going on a journey with Satoshi, and while she's a bit out of touch with everything and her intuition is a bit off at times, that's pretty natural for someone in her position. Like natural diamond (laughs). We made use of these character traits to create a lot of humorous situations I think you'll all enjoy.

What about the Rocket Gang and the pair of thieves that go after Diancie?
Diancie's main trait is that it can create diamonds. While Satoshi and his friends aren't that interested in such things, it goes without saying that a Pokémon that can create diamonds would be of great interest to many people. Riot is a ninja who uses Keromatsu's final evolved form, Gekkouga. Marilyn is a female thief who uses Fokko's final evolved form, Mafoxy. We designed her with a bit more sex appeal than any earlier character, to give the adults a little bonus. Earlier Pokémon movie villains have mostly been serious and focused on their various missions, but since the villains this time are going after diamonds, we're portraying them in a more light-hearted way. I think their amusing exchanges and interactions will be one of the movie's highlights.

As for the Rocket Gang, since it's pretty obvious they're were going to go after Diancie because of the diamonds, we actually had them succeed in capturing the Pokémon in question this time, so you're going to go "Wow, they actually succeeded for the first time ever!?". Or maybe you'll just wonder how they're going to mess up afterwards, but it's still something you should look forwards to seeing in the theater.


How about Satoshi, Pikachu and their new friends?
This is a story about friendship at heart, so Satoshi is watching over Diancie as she matures, occasionally helping her out. But since Diancie is a princess, I think their friendship is depicted in a very different way from say, Keldeo, where it was very much a male-to-male friendship. As for the new characters, since Diancie is a princess, we made sure to include scenes where she bonds with Serena and Eureka, the other girls in the group, over things such as fashion and girl talk. And of course we're going to include a gag about one of Citron's inventions, so look forward to that.

And Xerneas and Yveltal?
While Satoshi's part of the story is a road movie, there's also another major theme in this movie, that of "rebirth and destruction". What we refer to as "the law of nature" in the movie is the workings of Mother Nature, and I hope we were able to express that well through these two Pokémon. Since the two of them contrast each other completely, with Xerneas' beauty and Yvetal's power, I think you'll see what I mean when you see them in action at the theater.

What kind of movie is the short, "Pikachu, What Kind of Keys are These?"?
In the short, Pikachu and the other Pokémon go on an adventure in mysterious worlds: Not just one, but several different strange and new ones. Cleffy shows up with keys that can send you back and forth between different worlds, keys that are shaped like various Pokémon. So when people look at these keys, the more knowledgeable people are going to work out what Pokémon will appear, and the audience can have fun thinking "What Kind of Keys are These?" together as they watch.

Pikachu will be joined by the new cast members Fokko, Keromatsu and Harimaron, and we're going to have them close to the camera as much as possible, so we can have fun playing with their gestures and body language, which I think you'll enjoy. And of course, Nyarth will be playing a role as well. Look forward to this movie too!


New Poster

A new poster was also revealed.