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Some days back, the official Pokémon movie website has updated with information on the upcoming Darkrai distribution, as well as the third part of the coverage of Yuyama's location scouting report. Translations follow:

Director Yuyama's Location Scouting Report

This time, Director Yuyama chose Canada as the country he would go scouting in. He went there in search of the landscapes where Yveltal would sleep, where Xerneas would hide, and Diancie would journey.

Part 3: Setting off Into the Morning Mist

The second day is when our scouting started for real. We has our breakfast and checked out of our hotel at 7am, and eventually set off at 8. This morning, the entire city was shrouded in thick mist, and we couldn't see anything of the surrounding scenery. Morning mist like this appears to be common in November and December.

The bus carrying our group set off into the mist, following a long, straight road into the mountains. As the mist eventually cleared, a forest filled with trees beautifully colored red, orange and yellow came into view. We were right in the middle of the season for colored leaves.

As we gazed at the red maple leaves, which are also depicted on the Canadian flag, the bus rolled into our first destination for the day; Rideau Canal.

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The Darkrai event


The special pre-order ticket that comes with a giveaway code for "Darkrai"
On sale starting Saturday April 19th

The winner of the "You Choose! The Pre-order Movie Ticket Pokemon" poll!
The Pokémon chosen to be given away with the special pre-order movie ticket is "Darkrai"!

It comes with the move "Phantom Force", which it can't ordinarily learn!!!

Enter the "giveaway code" printed on the special pre-order movie ticket on a Nintendo 3DS system connected to the internet, and you will obtain the mythical Pokémon Darkrai!!

Sale period: Saturday April 19th - Friday July 18th
Period Darkrai can be obtained: Saturday April 19th - Tuesday September 30th
*Once the distribution period is over, the giveaway code can not be used. Please be wary of this.

Regular ticket: 1,400 yen
Child ticket: 800 yen
Child and adult double ticket: 2,100 yen (can only be purchased at a box office)
*Ticket types, prices and age ranges for specific tickets vary by theater
*The three listed tickets should be available. The double tickets come with two giveaway codes. Each code can only be redeemed for a single Darkrai.

"Darkrai" can be received on the Nintendo 3DS games Pocket Monsters X and Pocket Monsters Y
*The code can be used on both the package version and the download version.
*You will receive a Darkrai in the game you use the code with.
*The code can not be used with non-Japanese games, nor can it be used with any other games in the "Pocket Monsters" series.

Enter the "giveaway code" printed on the special pre-order movie ticket on a Nintendo 3DS system connected to the internet and obtain Darkrai!!
*Using the giveaway code requires a Nintendo 3DS system conneted to the internet. For details, please refer to the official Pocket Monsters website: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/support-sp/uketori.html
*This giveaway code can only be used once. Each giveaway code can be redeemed for a single Darkrai. Multiple Giveaway code Darkrai can be obtained on a single game.
*"Giveaway code" is the special name used on the special pre-order movie tickets. It is the same as what is referred to as "serial code" in the game itself.
*The Darkrai being given out is game data. It is not a figure, a plushie, or other physical goods.
*A giveaway code that has been used once can not be used again.

Why the Darkrai Given Out is so Amazing!


Level: 50
Ability: Bad Dreams
Moves: Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Phantom Force, Dream Eater
Held Item: Enigma Berry
Ball: Precious Ball
Ribbon: Wish Ribbon

The Darkrai being given out this year is a Dark-type mythical Pokémon that comes with a move it has never been able to learn and its very unique Ability. Check out the below info:

Its varied attacks will render its opponents as mere playthings!

Dark Void
A move only Darkrai can learn, a mighty move that puts multiple opponents to sleep at the same time!!
Dark Pulse
A Dark type move that can make the opponent flinch. Since it is of the same type as Darkrai, its power increases by 50%.
Phantom Force
A Ghost type move that Darkrai can't normally learn! A move where the user disappears on the first turn and attacks on the second, and which hits even if the opponent uses a move like "King's Shield" or "Protect"
Dream Eater
A Psychic type move that only takes effect if the opponent is asleep. In addition to healing HP equal to half the inflicted damage, it is super effective against Fighting type Pokémon, which Darkrai is weak against.

Decrease opponents' HP with the Ability "Bad Dreams"!

"Bad Dreams", an Ability exclusive to Darkrai, is a powerful Ability that decreases the HP of all sleeping Pokémon by a little bit every single turn! By using "Dark Void" to put all Pokémon to sleep, it's possible to deal damage to all Pokémon at once!

Recover HP with the normally unobtainable "Enigma Berry"!

Its held item is the "Enigma Berry" (ナゾのみ), which can't be normally obtained in the game. This is the first time a Pokémon holding this berry is distributed to "Pocket Monsters X/Y"! The "Enigma Berry" is a berry that recovers HP when you receive damage from a super effective move. Since Darkrai now also takes super effective damage from moves of the new Fairy type introduced in "Pocket Monsters X/Y", holding this berry is a good counter tactic.
*Be aware that the "Enigma Berry" will disappear if used during your adventure. However, it can safely be used without it disappearing when used in link battles, the Battle House, etc.


Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/locahan_report/ and http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/tickets/
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