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In early June, voice actress Saori Hayashi, who voiced Millefeui in the Pocket Monsters XY series, posted a suicidal note on her blog claiming her previous agency Atomic Monkey were trying to kill her, and that she wasn't able to live in fear of this any longer. The blog post was soon deleted, and her current agency AXL-ONE reported they had gotten in contact with her and confirmed her safety.

Today, Hayashi posted a final blog post where she apologized to both fans and company staff, AXL-ONE staff in particular, for what had happened, and that she had written what she did while suffering from paranoia caused by depression.

After thanking Atomic Monkey for all they had done for her, and how they had truly changed her life, she announced her retirement from voice acting, thanking all her fans for their support, and asked people to not contact AXL-ONE any more regarding this matter, as she is no longer with them.

Source: http://megalodon.jp/2014-0623-1404-01/ameblo.jp/nikushokumiffy/entry-11882839153.html
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