Images from the upcoming issue of Corocoro Comic have leaked on the Internet and reveal new information about the upcoming games Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

New Mega Evolutions

Mega Tyltalis Mega Bohmander Mega Mimilop
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Mega Tyltalis
Species: Humming Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Fairy
Ability: Pixilate
Height: 1.5m
Weight: 20.6kg

Its Attack and Special Attack greatly increases! It also looks much more flashy.

It's the first ever Dragon/Fairy type Pokémon! How will you use it in battle?
Mega Bohmander
Species: Dragon Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Flying
Ability: Aerilate
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 112.6kg

It excels at Defense, and can completely turn the tables on the opponent by enduring its attacks.

With the power increase from its Ability, "Double-Edge" becomes almost like a bullet shot...?
Mega Mimilop
Species: Rabbit Pokémon
Type: Normal/Fighting
Ability: Scrappy
Height: 1.3m
Weight: 28.3kg

Thanks to its Ability, it can now hit Ghost types with "High Jump Kick" as well!

Its rough combat instinct has finally awakened! It's very potent!

Dress-up Pikachu / Contests / Mega Metagross event

Dress-up Pikachu Contests Mega Metagross event
Dress-up Pikachu in action!
The "Dress-up Pikachu" you receive at the Contest Hall can use moves characteristic of its dress style!

Hard Rock Pikachu: "Meteor Mash"
Doctor Pikachu: "Electric Terrain"
Idol Pikachu: "Draining Kiss"
Madame Pikachu: "Icicle Crash"
Masked Pikachu: "Flying Press"

It's not just the Pokémon that will shine this time!
The protagonist will join the Pokémon on the stage! Get the audience all pumped up together with your Pokémon!!

The Contest Idol makes her entrance!
Lucia and her Tyltalis scout out the protagonist and provides them with outfits.

The protagonist dresses up as well!
You will appear on the stage in the flashy outfit you got from Lucia!
Early adopters will receive an alternate-colored, silver Dumbel holding a "Mega Stone" as a bonus!!
It can be evolved all the way to an alternate-colored, silver Mega Metagross

It has different colors after mega evolving, too!

The big cross on its face is now colored blue! It's very cool and stylish!!

Source: Corocoro Comic, September 2014 issue