The full program details for The Eve of Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire's Release Day" Niconico Countdown Event @ Nico Farre (ポケットモンスター オメガルビー・アルファサファイア発売前日ニコニコ カウントダウンイベント@ニコファーレ), which will be streamed on NicoNico Live from 12pm Thursday November 20th to 12am Friday November 21st has been made available.
A translation of the program follows:

We will hold an event at Nico Farre (Tokyo) to celebrate Friday the 21st's release of "Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire" with you all!

The event will be streamed at Niconico Live. Follow the event there, then go get a copy of "Pokémon ORAS" afterwards!

By extending our stream, we're going to bring you a special segment!
Thursday October 2nd, we streamed the special Kosuke Enjoys Himself with All His Might! A 7-Hour Pokémon Special. There, Kosuke attempted to beat the Game Boy Advance game "Pocket Monsters Ruby/Sapphire", though unfortunately time ran out before he got through it.

But this is incredible: In this direct continuation, Kosuke once again challenges the game! This stream will start at 12pm Thursday November 20th!

Time schedule for the countdown event:


8pm: The Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Special Band
A one-night-only live performance! The band will play arrangements of masterpieces from "Pocket Monsters Ruby/Sapphire" and "Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire"!

8:30pm: A Special Performance by Imakuni?
The "Imakuni?" will be here!

8:50pm: "Houen Pokémon Niconico Match" Finals
The finals from the "Houen Pokémon Niconico Match" held at the Pokémon Global Link will be streamed live! Also, the overall winner will get to battle Shigeki Morimoto from Game Freak Inc, the developers of the "Pocket Monsters" series!!


10pm: We will have various more segments in part 2 as well, like A "Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Talk Corner, so stay tuned!

*The exact time each segment will start may differ from the listed time.

Special guests:

An idol and TV personality you see in magazines and on TV all the time. She loves Pokémon!

Due to the popularity of the Pokémon Daisuki Club's Yadon Paradise, he's appearing in a Yadon outfit rather than his usual one.

Re-challenging "Pocket Monsters Ruby/Sapphire"!

Ayana Tsubaki:
A model and TV personality well known for her love for Pokémon! Let's get hyped together with her!

Nobuhiko Okamoto:
The biggest Pokémon fan in the world of voice acting, he signed up for this event immediately!

Game Freak Director of Board and Game Designer Junichi Masuda:

Game Freak Director Shigeru Ohmori:

Game Freak Battle Director Shigeki Morimoto: