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Location Scouting Report #8: Prayer and Sunset

Having finished gathering material this second day of the scouting, the team set off for the hotel we would be staying the night at, which was located by the creek.
After checking in, we took a short rest, then decided to head back out to central Dubai again to get some more material, focusing particularly on the sunset.

Our guide took us to the rooftop parking lot of a nearby building at "Baniyas Road", which ran alongside the creek.
From here, we had a great view of both the creek and the part of central Dubai stretching out on the other side of it.

Looking downwards at the creek, we could see a huge number of both "abras", the boats we had used to cross the creek earlier that day, and "dhows", the wooden cargo ships we had seen at Dubai Museum, lie anchored.

The scene playing out before our eyes, with cargo being vigorously loaded and unloaded between the ships and the riverside, is one that has taken place constantly since the olden days of Dubai, a city that has developed the way it has by being a center of intermediary trade.
This scene really let us feel the power of the working man and the everyday life in Dubai, a sight completely separate from the economic zones and tourist traps of the modernized city we had experienced so far.

Just then, it was time for sunset prayer, and we heard voices of Muslim praying resound through the city.
One of the people joining in was a person conducting his prayer on top of one of the ships, whom we observed for a while.
Our team watched Dubai slowly grow dark across the creek as the sun set, listening attentively to the praying voices.

When we had finished our dinner, it was already as late as 10pm! And we were going to depart at 4am tomorrow!!
We double checked our plans for tomorrow, then went off to our separate rooms for the night.

The third day we were finally going out into the desert!