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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations follow:

Event Report #12: An Opening Event Report from the "Summer Vacation Pokemon Carnival in Sunshine City", Starting Today!

The "Summer Vacation Pokemon Carnival in Sunshine City", held in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, starts today!

Both "Save Sunshine City!", a participation puzzle event hosted by SCRAP Entertainment, known for their "Real Dasshutsu Game" events, and the "Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians Café by Sweets Paradise", which is themed after the movie short, will take place here!

The entire Sunshine City will be drenched in other Pokémon events as well, such as the "Sea Lion Time: Pikachu & Hoopa Appear! Show" held in collaboration with Sunshine Aquarium, and the planetarium movie "Pocket Monsters XY: Sky Fragments" shown at the Manten planetarium!

For further information, see this page!

We will now present a status report from the opening event that took place today!

Prior to the event starting, legendary Pokémon had attacked and invaded the Alpa B1 Fountain Plaza, the sign-up location for "Save Sunshine City!" They were now quietly waiting for challengers to come by to solve their riddles!

The opening event, however, took place at Sunshine Aquarium!
It started off with Hoopa and Pikachu coming in!

Next, the special guests, Shoko Nakagawa, Shinichi Shinohara and Mizuki Yamamoto, all of which also play major roles in the movie as guest voice actors, Appear!

Shokotan and Shinohara greeted the crowd with their usual "Pokéssu!" and "Hippossu!"!

Shinohara plays the major role of Hippopotas!
Shokotan introduces him by mentioning that he's even been making full use of Hippopotasese on Twitter!

I-it's true!

It's then time for the next special guest, the sea lion Totto-chan!

The biggest event taking place at the "Summer Vacation Pokemon Carnival in Sunshine City" is the "Sea Lion Performance Time: Movie Premiere Commemoration Pikachu & Hoopa Appear! Show" at Sunshine Aquarium, which will be held from Monday July 27th and on!
The audience will now be shown a performance in advance of that!

As a special treat, it will also perform tricks per the guest voice actors' signals!

Totto-chan waves its hand at Shokotan's signal

It does a handstand at Mizuki's signal!

And it laughs loudly back at Shinohara's signal!

Totto-chan has shown off some amazing tricks so far, but Shinohara refuses to let it upstage him!
This leads to a ring toss competition between Shinohara the voice of Hippopotas and Totto-chan the sea lion!

A Hippopotas VS a sea lion!
This will truly go down is history as a legendary bout!
Let the fierce battle over the rings begin!!!

Shokotan is the first to throw!

Totto-chan catches it without difficuly!

But where will the ring Shokotan throws to Hippopotas Shinohara land!!!?

What an incredible catch!

Shinohara truly has reason to be proud of his physical capabilities!

Mizuki is the second to throw!

Totto-chan catches this one too! Its stability is incredible!!

And then Shinohara unfortunately misses!

Totto-chan the sea lion now has a lead of one!
If Satoshi was here right now, he'd surely encourage Shinohara by telling him not to give up!
You mustn't give up, Hippopotas!

I will not lose this battle...!!

The third to throw is a boy from the audience named Sora Kato!

Totto-chan once again doesn't miss! It got 3 rings perfectly!

And unfortunately, Shinohara ends up with a result of just one caught ring.

Totto-chan has shown us a truly amazing performance!

There's a lot more fun to be had at the "Sea Lion Performance Time: Movie Premiere Commemoration Pikachu & Hoopa Appear! Show", which will be held starting this Monday!

After the battle, everyone takes a commemorative photo!
Totto-chan Appears! from inside the ring!

Go visit Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, after watching the Pokémon movie!

The "Summer Vacation Pokemon Carnival in Sunshine City" is held in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo!
It runs from July 25th till August 23rd! Make sure to come visit!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=1607
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