The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Our previous news article about this Happy Set is available by clicking here. Translations follow:

Pokémon Appear in McDonald's Happy Sets All Across Japan

Pokémon will appear in McDonald's Happy Sets all across Japan this summer as well!

This time the Happy Sets also contain Pokémon that play major roles in the movie, with toys like the "Pikachu Spinning Ring Toss", the "Hoopa Racket w/ Counter", "Mega Rayquaza Bowling", etc.
Visit McDonald's with your family or friends this summer vacation and get toys!

Pikachu Spinning Ring Toss - Fokko Princess Key Baton - Keromatsu Flying Disc - Arceus Mitt & Ball
Dedenne Star Water Gun - Mega Rayquaza Bowling - Harimaron Catch-a-Cup - Hoopa Racket w/ Counter

And there's more! The toys come in Happy Set boxes featuring three different designs, including a Pikachu design one!
I wonder what box you will receive?

*The toys are limited in number and will only be available while supplies last.
*You can not choose which Happy Set box you'll receive.