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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

The "Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians Café" Debuts a New Menu Item to Celebrate the Movie's Success and the Cafe's Operation Extension! Pikachu Will be Manager-for-a-Day!

The "Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians Café by Sweets Paradise" is a café operating until Sunday September 27th in the Sunshine City specialty store area Alpa 1F!

This limited-period café where you can enjoy original menu items and events is now introducing a new menu item to celebrate the movie's success and the extension of the café's operating time: the "Yancham's Mischievous Caffe Latte ~Serena's Yancham ver.~" (756 yen, tax included)!

The "Yancham's Mischievous Caffe Latte" that's been sold until now has power up to this "Serena's Yancham" version, which comes with a pair of sunglasses!
This new menu item will be on sale starting Saturday September 12th!
And not only that, in order to commemorate this new item, Pikachu will be acting as manager for that day!

Take this opportunity to check out the original menu items offered at the "Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians Café by Sweets Paradise" in Sunshine City!

Manager-for-a-day Pikachu's visiting periods
Date: Saturday September 12th, from 11am, from 2pm and from 4:30pm (*each visit lasts approx. 30 minutes)
Location: Trattoria PARADiSO by SWEETS PARADISE, Sunshine City specialty store area Alpa 1F, 3-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo
*This restaurant, which normally serves a rotisserie chicken and cake buffet, has been transformed into a collaboration café for a limited period.

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=1924
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