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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations of the new entries follows:

The "Pokémon Movie Premiere Commemoration Campaign": When you Change Oil at Kygnus SS, You Can Win Pokémon Merchandise Through a Lottery

In commemoration of the Saturday July 16th premiere of the Pokémon movie "Pokémon the movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna", Kygnus brand gas stations all across Japan (with some exceptions) will be running the "2016 Kygnus Spring Oil Fair" from Friday April 1st to Saturday April 30th.

"The Pokémon Movie Premiere Commemoration Kygnus Spring Oil Fair"

Period: Friday April 1st to Saturday April 30th

Details: 300 patrons that get their oil changed on their car at a Kygnus brand gas station all across Japan (with some exceptions) will win Pokémon merchandise via lottery!

How to enter: Enter the lottery by turning in a receipt for an oil change at a Kygnus brand gas station for 2000 yen or more. Ask the staff at a station for details.

Prize A: PokéDeru Gacha 2.0 (set for release in early April) - 150 winners
Prize B: Life-sized Pikachu plushie - 150 winners

Make sure to take this chance to get an oil change at a Kygnus gas station!

For more information, see the Kygnus Oil website

Win the world's only copy of your "Supported Pokémon T-shirt"! The "I Choose You! Backing Campaign for Your Supported Pokémon" is Starting Up!

The "I Choose You! Backing Campaign for Your Supported Pokémon" will be held at participating stores located all across Japan!
The campaign will run from Saturday April 16th to Sunday May 8th!
Win prizes featuring your personally "Supported Pokémon"!

Purchase campaign products for 800 yen or more (incluing tax) and get a "Personal Entry Postcard"!
Fill out the postcard with the Zukan number of the Pokémon you're supporting, as well as other required information, then send it in to get a chance to win extravagant merchandise featuring your personally "Supported Pokémon", including the "World's Only Copy Of Your Supported Pokemon T-shirt"!
*Note that there is a limited number of the "Personal Entry Postcard" and that a store's distribution will end once they run out.

Extravagant prizes for a total of 1000 winners!
*The World's Only Copy of Your Supported Pokémon T-shirt
*1 copy of a card featuring your Supported Pokémon & 1 Premium Champion Pack "EX+M+BREAK" box
*A Your Supported Pokémon MonCollé figure, gold metallic version

More information will be announced Friday April 15th, including the exact Pokémon running and the number of prizes! Stay tuned!

(1) Participating stores:
Apita/Piago, Aeon/Aeon Super Center/Aeon Style/Aeon Retail Store, Ito-Yokado, Toys 'R' Us, Fuji, Heiwado, Pokémon Center/Pokémon Store
*Some stores exempt
A full list of stores can be found here (opens a PDF file)

(2) Campaign period:
"Personal Entry Postcard" Distribution period: Saturday April 16th to Sunday May 8th, 2016 *while supplies last
Application period: Saturday April 16th to Tuesday May 31st, 2016 *going by postdate

(3) Campaign products:

(this image is an example of valid products)

*The Special Pre-order Ticket w/ Volcanion Present Code
*All Pokémon Card Game expansion packs, Pre-built decks, and similar items
*All Nintendo 3DS/Wii U Pokémon series video games
*All Takara Tomy Monster Collection (MonCollé) products
*All Takara Tomy Pokémon toys

For further information, see the information page on the official Pocket Monsters website

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