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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations of the new entry follows:

Pokémon Q #5

Question: Which Pokémon is this?

We will reveal the answer next week!
*The quiz questions asked will concern all Pokémon from national Zukan number 1 to 720, as well as Volcanion and Magearna.

Send in your answer via the Apply page.
One person that sent in the correct answer will receive a specially made Pokémon movie clear file!

Last week's answer:

The answer is: Nokocchi

The first character in each Pokémon's name is the last character in the name of the Pokémon before it:
Shaymin (シェイミ) ⇒ Minomutchi (ミノムッチ) ⇒ Chillaccino (チラチーノ) ⇒ Nokocchi (ノコッチ) ⇒ Tyltalis (チルタリス)
The only Pokémon whose name starts with a "No" (ノ) and ends with a "chi" (チ) is Nokocchi!

This week's gift goes to
"Yasusu" from Niigata
Congratulations! You will receive a specially made Pokémon movie clear file folder!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=2496
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