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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations of the new entry follows:

Event Report #17: A Report from the pre-screening of "Pokémon the movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna"!

The Shogakukan-sponsored pre-screening took place Saturday July 3rd at Tokyo Dome City Hall!
This is a status report from this pre-screening, where the completed movie was shown to an audience for the first time!

The theater was filled with intense heat brought forth by the burning enthusiasm of the audience that had been invited via lottery!

The screening started with stage greetings!
Walking onto the stage were Director Kunihiko Yuyama and Satoshi's voice actor Rica Matsumoto, followed by the extravagant guest voice actors, all dressed in stylish yukata!

We started with a greeting from Director Yuyama!

Thank you all so very much for being here today.
This is a movie that was finished just a few days ago.
Being able to watch this brand-new movie together with you all makes me truly happy.

Moderator: What would you say are the highlights of this year's movie?

There are a lot, like the battles against the Mega Evolution Army and the cute Pokémon from the plateau.
For one, Magearna's body being entirely mechanical is something that's never been the case with a Pokémon before. This movie will be the first time you see it come to life, so I'd like you to pay close attention to that.

And I just have to mention Volcanion!
Up until now, legendary and mythical Pokémon have somewhat resembled gods, but Volcanion is more like a human, and the way it acts in the movie is similar to how a human would act.

And Volcanion actually dislikes humans, too.
The exchanges between the human-hating Volcanion and the Pokémon-loving Satoshi start out amusing, but towards the end of the movie they take a dramatic turn that can move you to tears.
I'd really appreciate if you paid extra attention to these exchanges between the two.

Next up was the voice of Satoshi, Rica Matsumoto!
As she starts off with her usual "I got a Pokémon!" line, Yamadera chimes in with a "You sound just like him!"
"I've been doing this for 19 years now, so I've got quite good at it!", Matsumoto replies.

Even though I knew the plot from having read the script and acted out my lines during the dubbing, I still cried while watching the early screening.
This movie is an especially touching one, so you should all look forward to it!

Moderator: The movie uses a movie version of the anime theme song "XY&Z" as its opening theme, so what is this arrangement of it like?

A battle takes place on the big screen in tune with the song.
It's absolutely amazing!

It's like "Whoosh!!!"

When you watch it in the movie, your emotions overflow as if you're riding a roller coaster! I really want you to pay close attention to it!

Next up was Shoko Nakagawa, aka Shokotan, who has been playing in Pokémon movies for 10 years now, and who can also been seen on "Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?"!
This time, she plays Racel, the prince of Azoth Kingdom.

Make your voices mega evolve! Come on, scream it out:
It's time for Pokémon summer and Japanese summer!
I've been in these movies for 10 years in a row now, and coincidentally, Satoshi is 10 years old!
Thinking about how I've played all these roles in Pokémon movies for as long as Satoshi has been alive makes me incredibly happy!!

Pokémon don't lie!
Pokémon have hearts that preach love!!
And, while we're on the topic of Volcanion's manliness:
All men in mankind, I want you to follow Volcanion's example!
And you wouldn't believe how much I cried at Satoshi's words in this movie!
Seriously, I couldn't control myself! Now I've seen how much of a man he is!
It touched me so much! I can't wait to discuss the movie with you all!
Please experience this movie in the theaters many times this summer!!

Next up was Mayu Matsuoka, who plays Chymia, the princess of Azoth Kingdom.

Even though I encountered Volcanion for the first time ever this year, standing here with it, as well as Yama-chan, who I've watched for ages on Oha Suta, and Rica Matsumoto, who's the voice of Satoshi, has been a dream of mine!

I have watched Pokémon ever since I was around your age, and being a part of it has been my dream for a long, long time.
Now that I stand here today, I feel like it's okay to wish for such dreams to come true.
Now it's almost Tanabata.
And I believe that it's okay to wish for your dreams to come true, and that it's okay for dreams to actually come true.

Next up was Abareru-kun, who won himself a position as voice actor by pleading directly with director Yuyama!

I managed to Windie it, but if I had Bloster it, Fiarrow! That'd have put me in a Yayakoma!

He shows off a bunch of his Poké-jokes:
"Huh? Not even the kids found them funny!?", Matsuoka comments.

Moderator: Onigohri was your first ever movie role, can you tell us about that?

It was an honor to get this role, and I concentrated hard on perfecting it!
From the day before the dubbing started, I kept practicing the "Gori gorii gorii!" cry, but when the day actually arrived, it turned out its cry was actually "Onii!"
So I had to start over from scratch, though I still did nicely!

Moderator: Director, did he do all right?

"He did. It's an ice type, but he still made it a hot-blooded Pokémon!"

And finally, we have Koichi Yamadera! Having been in 19 Pokémon movies in a row, his presence is absolutely indispensable!

Although I moved on from "Oha Suta" April 1st this year, I'm staying on as a Pokémon voice actor!
It's been a while since I've done this, but let's give it a try! We got former Oha Girl Mayu here and all!
Ready? Aaand:


Yama-chan screams out an "OHA!" yell for the first time in a while!

This time I play a villain, Jarvis.
I played the role as evil as I could!
"Even if you end up hating Jarvis, please don't hate Yama-chan!"
-quote, Kintalo

And then, we get a message from YUKI, who sings the theme song "Throw Your Voice in the Mailbox"!

YUKI has actually often watched Pokémon movies in the theater.

I made this movie's song after getting to read the script in advance, and thought that the movie might have depicted the relationship between humans and Pokémon in a much deeper way than Pokémon movies usually do.

Whenever someone thinks of the people that are dear to them, or about wanting to protect their family and friends, they think about how they want to be strong and kind. It's like that for me as well.
When I do, I've always challenged myself to treasure the way I feel about cherishing my dear friends and my desire to protect them the same way I treasure myself.

When I wrote this song, I included these thoughts in it. I'd be really happy if you all even just slightly recalled the people that mean a lot to you and the people you hold dear when you listen to this song.

And "Throw Your Voice in the Mailbox" truly is the perfect theme song to this movie.
And, taking inspiration from that song, one of the guests has actually prepared a surprise letter today.

As her name gets called, Matsuoka gets really surprised.

"But I haven't written anything...

Back when Yamadera moved on from "Oha Suta", the former Oha Girl Matsuoka wrote him a letter.
This letter made him very happy, so he's now written what you could call a reply to it.

"Dear Mayu.
Getting to co-star with you in this year's Pokémon movie makes me extremely, extremely happy."

Matsuoka has grown a lot since he first met her back when she was an Oha Girl, into the actress she is now. And in this letter, Yamadera is describing his appreciation for how she still cherishes the encounters and experiences she had on Oha Suta.

My greatest hope is that you will always remain the way you are and live a happy life.
Finally, I will say that I'm grateful I got to meet you, and that I wish for you to have many wonderful encounters in the future.

This will be my Tanabata wish.

To Mayu, a girl I'm very proud of. From Yama-chan, your eternal cheerleader."

After Yamadera finishes reading the letter, Matsuoka gives him a spontaneous hug.

Yama-chan is a true legend who has been doing a show called "Oha Suta" since looong before you guys were born, maybe even since your mothers were small.

This is the Yama-chan who's been playing in Pokémon movies for an entire 19 years, and who said that this year's movie is the movie that's touched him the most.
When I watched this movie, I also truly felt I wanted to watch it with the people that are dear to me.
Kids, while you may not be telling your mothers and fathers how grateful you are for them, once you reach my age you'll be able to do this.
My own mother is actually here in the theater today, and I will always be extremely grateful towards her. Likewise, I'm also extremely grateful towards my showbiz world father, Yama-chan.
After you've seen this movie, I'm sure you'll all go back home feeling happy. On your trip home, I'd like you all to say thank you to the ones that took you here.

And thus, the stage greetings concluded with Yamadera's letter and Mayu Matsuoka's touching message!

Next, the movie screenings, with breaks inbetween, bring about great excitement!
You'll learn what happens in those Saturday July 16th!

At last only two weeks remain until the premiere!

Receive the mythical Pokémon Volcanion! Pre-order tickets are currently on sale!
The tickets will be on sale until Friday July 15th!
Keep in mind that even if you want to get a Volcanion after having seen the movie, you won't be able to unless you got yourself a preorder ticket before the movie's premiere!

There will also be premiere day stage greetings! Tickets are currently on sale!
Come watch the Pokémon movie at special screenings where the extravagant guest voice actors will be there on the stage!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=2625
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