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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations of the new entry follows:

Event Report #19: It Premiered Today! A Report from the "Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna" Premiere Day Stage Greetings!!

Summer means Pokémon!
Pokémon summer has finally arrived!!
"Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna" premiered today!!!

And we're bringing you all a status report from the premiere day stage greetings that took place at TOHO Cinemas Nichigeki!

Director Kunihiko Yuyama, Satoshi's voice actor Rica Matsumoto, and all the extravagant voice actors were all there on the stage!
They were all wearing matching happi coats and were ready to drum up excitement for the movie's premiere!

All of them then offered greetings to the audience that had come to this first screening on the premiere day!
First up was Director Yuyama's greeting!

I am Yuyama, the director of the movie.
This is the 19th of these movies, do we have anyone in the audience today that have watched them since the very first one?

I've put a lot of thought into making every single one of these movies, but the thing about movies is that not only do they exist in just the specific moment you watch them, the way every individual person sees them also differs.
When I think of the fact that there are not only 19 movies, but also individual movies inside the heads of everyone that watched them, I'm really happy I made them.
Everyone, I hope that once again, this movie will make you discover your own personal Pokémon movie.

Next up was Rica Matsumoto!

It's been 19 years now!
And if we add in the TV series as well, we're apparently pretty close to a 1000 individual stories now.

For this movie, we've done a movie version of "XY&Z", the song that also plays as the opening theme to the TV anime "Pocket Monsters XY&Z", which means it's been rearranged and become really extravagant and lovely!
And since it plays during a battle scene, the entire thing feels like you're riding a roller coaster!
If you guys want to sing along, then by all means, go ahead!
You're going to sing too, right Pikachu?

Next up was Shoko Nakagawa, the voice of Racel!

Everyone, let your excitement Booburn! Aaand...

This season has come this year as well! It's Japanese summer! It's Pokémon summer!
We have both children, adults and families, and even people all around the world beyond our borders that feel "I love Pokémon", all being on the same page as each other, and it makes me believe that I'm not alone, which is something my heart is so, so packed full of gratitude towards Pokémon for today!
My ultiMagearna thanks to you!

Over these 10 years, I've played all kinds of roles, including an android, Pokémon Trainers and Pokémon, but Prince Racel has been the hardest of them all! While playing the voice of this pubertal, impressionable and indecisive young boy, I faced the challenge of delicate scenes, scenes where I had to act troubled or where I had to act out summoning up the mental strength to confront myself, while recalling these past 10 years, as well as the words I was told exactly 10 years ago, when I met the director for the first time.

Next was Mayu Matsuoka, who plays Chymia!

When I was working with Yama-chan as an Oha Girl on the TV show "Oha Suta", back during the time of "Giratina and the Sky Bouquet Shaymin", Shokotan came on the show since she had a role in that movie.
That was the point when I truly wished from the bottom of my heart that I'd one day get to co-star with Yama-chan as well, and I'm extremely honored that it's now come true!

Hey, is it okay if I let myself go a bit?

And with that, it's like a switch is flipped inside Matsuoka.

That's why I didn't want to say too much!
I mean, I thought it'd be a bit too much if I stood here talking to people that love Pokémon more than I do about how "I really love Pokémon", "It's always been my dream to play in Pokémon" and such things...

and Pikachu,
are both standing here right next to me!!

And then Yamadera said, "If you talk to it, it'll say something back! Give it a try!"


A sudden love confession! And then she hugs Pikachu!

And that's why I'm so genuinely happy to be in a movie like this!
This is a dream come true! Thank you so much!

And then, Onigohri's voice actor: Abareru-kun!

1 Abare, 2 Abare, 3 Abare, Ababababa, Abareru-kun is here!

Abareru-kun has got a sunburn on his face, and is met with comments that its "become the color of a monster ball!".

I am not a monster ball!
Nor am I a Marumine!
For this movie, I went directly to the director himself, and he happily agreed to let me have a role...
What, he didn't do it "happily"...!?

Well, as I've always thought, what truly matters is to stick to your guns.
This has turned out to be a wonderful movie, so all those of you curious about what happens in it, hurry to a theater right now!

As he greets the audience in the theater with these words, Abareru-kun gets "They're already here!" quipped back at him!

Last up was Yamadera!

Even though it's true that I've been in 19 movies in a row now, I play different roles every time, so I get to approach these movies with an "a new movie, a new role to try my hand on" mindset every time.
I record together with all the regular voice actors like Matsumoto, and every single time, all the way up until I speak my first line, the director and sound director feel really scary to me... and so do the regular cast.

I get really nervous thinking about what I'd do if they went "How are you going to play your role this time, Yama-chan? Really, that way?" or something along those lines. What I'd do if I get told I'm doing it wrong right off the bat.
And then, after I perform my line while being super nervous about the delivery, they just go "let's have you play him that way, then".

Really? But weren't you standing there munching on snacks while waiting for your turn?,
Matsumoto comments.

Yamadera and Matsumoto talk about what the dubbing session was like, acting just like a pair of married comedians!

And then, after the entire stage greeting session was over, there was a special surprise for Nakagawa in order to celebrate her 10th Pokémon movie appearance in a row!
Rushing onto the scene was the winner of the "Pokémon Elections 720", Gekkouga!!


Shokotan explodes with excitement when Gekkouga appears!


"Aaaah!! This is the best!!"

The naughtiness of the "Dark type" keeps exciting me, Shokotan screams.

And then it's time for a present from Gekkouga!
It presents a huge bouquet decorated with the characters Nakagawa has played over these 10 years!

And then, Director Yuyama comments on Nakagawa's 10 years of Pokémon movie roles...

I think it's amazing how much you've grown over these 10 years.
You've played many different roles throughout these years, but when I spoke to sound director Mima after he had finished this year's movie, he told me how much you enjoyed playing these roles, and that above all else, your acting truly had soul. I agree with him.
And I think that is the best side to you.

Thank you.
Every single moment these past 10 years, I've embraced the words "Put your soul into every moment, and put your realization of how far you've come into every line you speak" that I were told during my first ever Pokémon movie dubbing session deep in my heart no matter what I was doing, and since it's been an entire 10 years, it truly is the Pokémon movies that have created the life I now have, something I'm sincerely grateful towards them for.
Thank you so, so much!

The movie premiere started with a heatburst of excitement and emotion in no way inferior to this year's movie itself!!

Summer means Pokémon!
The blockbuster "Pokémon the movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna" is currently screening in theaters!
Go to the movies during this extended weekend! Go to the Pokémon movie!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=2816
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