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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations of the new entry follows:

Playback the XY&Z #009: Numelgon

This year's Pokémon movie is the final chapter in the XY&Z series.
Many battles have been fought with the Kalos region as its setting,
so let us do a playback of those emotions and those battles!!

First broadcast April 9th, 2015:
"Miare Gym Match! Satoshi VS Citron!!"
A battle against Citron, who knows everything there is to know about Satoshi!
In this match, a match more fierce than any match has ever been before, Satoshi is in great trouble after even Pikachu gets defeated!
What saved the day for him was the now fully grown Numelgon!!

The next episode of "Pocket Monsters XY&Z", where Numelgon will be playing an active role as well, is
"Rival Showdown! Satoshi Gekkouga VS Mega Jukain!!", airing Thursday July 28th

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=2903
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