The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

The Music Video for "Kaze to Issho ni" is Out! Lots of Nostalgic Pokémon Merchandise Appears in it, Plus a Surprising Reveal at the End...?

The music video for the new movie's theme song, "Kaze to issho ni", is out!

The music video is shown from the perspective of a protagonist who has walked through life alongside Pokémon for 21 years, ever since the first movie premiered.
The video is filled with nostalgic Pokémon merchandise and items, and there's no doubt those who were fans of Pokémon back then can't help but be taken back to their childhood as they watch it.

And if you watch the full size version of the video all the way to the end, there's a surprising reveal waiting for you...?! Make sure you see it with you own eyes!

In addition, the early digital release of "Kaze to issho ni" is Wednesday June 26th.
This lets you listen to both the single's B-track, Shoko Nakagawa's new song "Type: Wild", which will be used as an ending theme for the anime series "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon", as well as the bonus track, Sachi & Juri's "Pocket ni fantasy", the famous Pokémon song sung by Sachiko Kobayashi, ahead of the CD's release date!

Click here for the early digital release of "Kaze to issho ni"