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Corocoro Online has updated with the fifth part of the Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Legend/Legend Collaboration Artwork Project. Translations follow:

The "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" Premiere Celebration Project! Part 5: "Pocket Monsters Special"'s very own Satoshi Yamamoto draws "The Strongest VS The Atrocious!! Mewtwo VS Gyarados!"

Satoshi Yamamoto from the super popular "Pocket Monsters Special" appears!!

"Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution", the full 3DCG remake of the movie that served as the ultimate starting point for the Pokémon movie series, finally premieres Friday July 12th!!!

To celebrate this return of the legend itself, legendary manga artists and celebrities that love Pokémon have drawn pictures based on "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution"!

For this fifth installment, the legendary maanga artist Satoshi Yamamoto, who draws the super popular "Pocket Monsters Special" manga that's current serialized in "Corocoro Ichiban!", "Pokémon Fan" and "Sunday Webry", joins the project!! The protagonists' thrilling adventures and the various Pokémon's active roles have been depicted by Yamamoto's hand, and he has given birth to a multitude of famous scenes!

Yamamoto poured his heart and soul into this drawing that's inspired by a scene from "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution", and the final result is now ready!!

Artwork theme: "The Strongest VS The Atrocious!! Mewtwo VS Gyarados!"


Gyarados confronts Mewtwo with an atrocious look on its face! Even though you can't see Mewtwo's face, you can still feel the air of mysterious calm it gives off!

It truly is an incredibly explosive situation! The drawing really gives off the tension of the moment right before the two unleash powerful moves at one another!

We also have a special comment from Yamamoto!!

I wanted to draw a picture very unlike what I normally draw for PokéSpe,
so I challenged myself to draw one that would get across Mewtwo's aloof strength just by showing him from behind, without his face being visible.
I hope the combination of that and Gyarados' intimidating and scary look
gives off the the kind of pre-battle tension befitting a picture named "The Strongest VS The Atrocious!!"
-Satoshi Yamamoto

Next week we'll present a picture drawn by Mine Yoshizaki, the creator of "Sgt. Frog"!!

Look forward to seeing what kind of drawing we'll get!!


Pocket Monsters Special Sun/Moon 5
Story: Hidenori Kusaka
Art: Satoshi Yamamoto
Price: 454 yen + tax
Format: Shinshoban
Pages: 176
Details: https://www.shogakukan.co.jp/books/09143030

Source: https://corocoro.jp/59948/
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