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Corocoro Online has updated with the sixth part of the Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Legend/Legend Collaboration Artwork Project. Translations follow:

The "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" Premiere Celebration Project! Part 6: Mine Yoshizaki of "Sgt. Frog" fame draws "The Shocking Duo! Pikachu and Copy Pikachu"

Mine Yoshizaki draws a Pokémon picture with intense passion!!

"Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution", the full 3DCG remake of the movie that served as the ultimate starting point for the Pokémon movie series, finally premieres Friday July 12th!!

To celebrate this return of the legend itself, legendary manga artists and celebrities that love Pokémon have drawn pictures based on "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution"!

For this sixth installment, Mine Yoshizaki of "Arcade Gamer Fubuki" and "Sgt. Frog" fame joins the project!! This is Yoshizaki's first time drawing Pokémon...

This memorable first drawing is of Mewtwo, as well as Satoshi's Pikachu and the Copy Pikachu!

Artwork theme: "The Shocking Duo! Pikachu and Copy Pikachu"

This is the Copy Pikachu that was made using Satoshi's Pikachu as a base in "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution".

Yoshizaki drew a pleasant illustration of the duo with intense passion!

Even Mewtwo, who's standing in the back there, looks somewhat jealous.

We also have a special comment from Yoshizaki!!

This is the first time I draw a Pokémon picture.
All three members of our household enjoy Pokémon in their own personal way.
Thank you for always being there with us!
I'm looking forward to watching the new movie with my entire family.
-Mine Yoshizaki

Next week, we'll finish off the project by presenting a picture drawn by the singer of the movie's theme song "Kaze to issho ni"! The custodian of Pokénchi!! Shoko Nakagawa!!!

Look forward to seeing what kind of drawing we'll get!!


Sgt. Frog 1
Author: Mine Yoshizaki
Price: 540 yen + tax
Format: Non-standard B6
Pages: 168
Details: https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/199999713307/

Source: https://corocoro.jp/56642/
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