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The official Pocket Monsters anime website has updated. Translations follow:

Presenting Information on the Adventure's Base of Operations and New Characters That Will be Appearing:

The new series "Pocket Monsters" starts Sunday November 17th!!
Today we will introduce the base of operations for Satoshi and Go's adventure, as well as new characters that will be appearing in the show!

The Adventure's Base of Operations

The Sakuragi Laboratories:
A recently built Pokémon laboratory in Kuchiba City, Kanto.
Satoshi and Go live here while they set off on adventures to various regions.

Characters profiles:
Professor Sakuragi:
He conducts research at the Sakuragi Laboratories
while supporting Satoshi and Go's adventures.
A 10 year old girl who attends school.
She's Professor Sakuragi's daughter and a childhood friend of Go.

A puppy Pokémon. Very attached to Koharu.

The voice actors for the new characters were also announced on Twitter, where they provided the following commentaries:

Voice actor comments:
Yuichi Nakamura, voice of Professor Sakuragi:
"I once played a major character named "N", so I can't believe I once again get to step into the world of "Pocket Monsters". I hope we'll manage to bring you a new series you'll be able to enjoy every episode of."
Kana Hanazawa, voice of Koharu:
"I was the same age as Satoshi back when the Pokémon anime started airing, so I was able to experience his excitement and emotional moments through him. I will do my absolute utmost when playing this role so that you will all love this series as well."

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