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Al Kahn

Al Kahn
First Name: Al
Last Name: Kahn
Main Country: United States United States
Main Language: English
Birthdate: 1947-01-18
Age : 77
Alfred "Al" R. Kahn is a New York City based businessman and voice actor for the English dub of the Pokémon franchise. Born in Brooklyn and starting his business career at toy company Coleco, he would eventually join as the vice president of Leisure Concepts, turning it into 4Kids Entertainment and becoming it's CEO in 1991. He would serve as CEO up until it's bankruptcy in 2011. Despite making various business deals that would lead to Pokémon's popularity in the west, he is criticized for how, under his leadership, he had treated and "Americanized" productions they owned, including new dub scores, censorship, editing out Japanese culture, and name changes. He claimed in 2004 this was the result of trying to make it work better for kids in the west. He also made a voice acting cameo in Movie 2, credited as "Cassidy Kahn".
Currently, Al is the current CEO of independent licensing firm Kidtagious Entertainment.