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Posted by: NickRoberts on 04 Feb 2009 10:09:02 (No. 1276)
Imagine to launch Pokémon battling website - www.pokemonfaceoff.com

Publisher of the UK’s No.1 Pokémon magazine brings Pokémon battling to the web with an exciting new 'face off' website

Imagine Publishing, one of the UK’s fastest-growing publishing companies, is continuing the success of its 'face off' website format with a new launch aimed squarely at Pokémon fans. The Pokémon World Face Off allows Pokémon Trainers to test their skills at knowing a strong Pokémon from a weak one, as random battles are generated between the 493 Pokémon in the National Pokédex. The user must click to decide which monster wins each battle.

Each Pokémon is displayed with their base statistics and a profile detailing their National Pokédex number, type, classification, ability, height, weight and description from the Diamond and Pearl games. There are then pages that show the Top 100 Pokémon, and the bottom 100, so that users can easily discover the most and least popular Pokémon.

“The Pokémon World Face Off website is lots of fun for fans of Pokémon who want to know where their favourite monster comes in the Top 100,” said Imagine Publishing Business Development Manager, Nick Roberts. “Pokémon World magazine has had great success in 2008. It is now stocked in more retail outlets than ever before, circulation is rising month-on-month and we have put together exciting promotion deals for big name brands like Sonic, Star Wars, Nickelodeon and of course Pokémon in 2008. We look forward to working with companies that want an outlet for their kids' videogames and toy brands in 2009, and can now include advertising on the Face Off website as part of any deal.”

The Pokémon World Face Off website is heavily promoted through the magazine, alongside news and reviews of the latest videogames aimed at younger players on all formats, a large Pokémon Trading Card Game section and features on books, toys and movies. Every issue of Pokémon World comes with a selection of quality gifts.

Imagine Publishing is one of the UK’s fastest-growing consumer specialist publishers. Formed in May 2005, Imagine now publishes 20 magazines and 23 websites in the videogames, computing, entertainment and photography markets. The 'Face Off' website has already proved popular with SFicons.com from Sci-Fi Now magazine pitting science fiction characters against each other and Photofaceoff.co.uk showcasing photos from the Digital Photographer website. An Imagine magazine is purchased every ten seconds.

Name: Pokémon World Face Off
URL: www.pokemonfaceoff.com
No. of Pokémon available for battle: 493
Launch: Winter 2008
Contact: Nick Roberts, Business Development Manager
[email protected]