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Title: Re: Italian McDonald's Distributing Pokémon Toys in Happy Meals
Hungarian McDonalds also promoting pokémon. I'm so happy about it, because here there are no stores that sells pokémon toys or cards. Even tough the TV was screening the anime, they never come to the market. But right now everyone can get Pokémon toys from mcdonalds even here! I heard there are some Mcdonalds which already run out of Pokémon toys! Isn't it awesome!? :3
Title: My Pikachus
File: 12428784790075.jpg (1632px x 1224px - 427.47 KiB)
In my country there are not much Pokemon plushies, so I have to search and hunt to find some. This is all the Pikachus I got. I really want more, but we don't have a PokeCenter. :(
Title: My bag at Animecon
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He is adorable in the Naruto headband.XD
Title: homemade pikachu cap
File: 12428780720045.jpg (1632px x 1224px - 412.40 KiB)
I made it for the Animecon. :P