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Title: Re: Pokémon: The Movies 1-3 Limited Edition Collection
Update bump.

Ugh, Viz/WB never cease to disappoint me. I have a copy of the US version but didn't try it out yet but reports are saying ALL MOVIES ARE IN 2.0 STEREO!! WTF?! I'm speechless now.

BRB getting Australian copy!
Title: Re:
Well I put in a request to cancel my order from ezydvd and place a pre-order on amazon. Let's see!

EDIT: Looking around at other website someone mention the DVD re-release use the Blu-ray master and stated Movie 1 and 2 are DD5.1 while Movie 3 is DD2.0. Ugh...poor Movie 3.
Title: Re:
Hmm... I don't think Australia got it yet because my preorder from ezydvd said release date is February 3, 2016. Maybe I should cancel it and order the US version because OHMYFREAKIN'GOODNESSABLURAYRELEASEHEREINNORTHAMERICA!!!

And I hope the audio 2.0 is a mistake's (going to be) 2016. Get your act together Warner/Viz.
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You know what? Instead of sounding like a broken record I'll just say this: As long it looks good I'll like to have this in my Blu-ray collection. :)
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I was affected by the glitch and they couldn't reinstate my order because I use gift card as part of payment. I ended with 4 Lucario amiibo pre-orders after that: two from online and two from store. I'll cancel my in-store order if my online order comes through since it's cheaper. Heh.
Title: Web Filtering in Hospital Wi-Fi
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Clicking on the re-evaluated link doesn't help because according to their internet usage policy "video games" are also blocked. :p
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Title: August 2011
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