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Title: Re: characters from the past
They should have Butch and Cassidy more! I love those two. They are better than Jessie and James in my book.
Title: Re: your favorite character
My favourites are Butch, Drew, Harley, May, Frontier Brain Brandon, Samuel (Brandon's assistant) and Paul.
I love them all and could not choose just one ^_^
Title: Re: AG 179: バトルピラミッド!VSレジロック!!/Battling the Enemy Within
This episode was great. Brandon cracks me up with his constant "NO!!!"
Title: Re: DP 129: 復活のレジギガス!J再び!!/Fukkatsu no Regigigas! J futatabi!!/Pillars of Friendship
This is my favourtie episode out off all of them so far! It was really cool!
Title: Re: DP 128: バトルピラミッド!シンジvsジンダイ!!/Battle Pyramid! Shinji VS Jindai!!/A Pyramiding Rage
I loved the battle between Brandon and Paul. It was awesome! One of the best episodes ever!