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Title: Re: #Pocketmonsters on Mirc
I see. that makes sense. I'm pretty new to RIC stuff and i found your channel through a torrent i was downloading and just googled on how to get into the channel. the only thing that popped up was what i entered.

thank you so much for the help. ^_^
Title: Re: #Pocketmonsters on Mirc
I tried to join the irc thing today and I kept getting kicked and was called a spammer. Kinda hard to prove i'm not a spam bot when i get kicked just as soon as i joined. I use Mirc and I am very new to it. Only used it once before.

Quote From: Mirc
* You were kicked from #pocketmonsters by Horst (Banned: 4(15Global Ban4) 15Reason:4(15Abuse/Spam4) - Dan)

Its just wrong to ban someone just because they joined. I haven't even had the chance to say "Hi I'm new" =/

and because of it I'm even banned from the server.. i can't even go in to the #help and ask for help