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Title: Re: More Pokémon Revealed - Gym Leaders
Grimsley and Marshal's sprites need to be swapped.
Title: Re: Soliciting questions for an upcoming interview with Mike Pollock
Two questions:

What made you want to do voice acting as a career?


Was there a voice actor, past or present, that influenced you to do voice acting?
Title: Re: New Manga Titles Announced
Kind of surprised that they'd do DP so early. I wonder how often they'll release it, since I can't see them doing it bi-monthly at the rate of Japanese releases.
Title: Re: CoroCoro July 2010
I don't think I've seen a cuter Normal Type than that chinchilla Pokemon. =P
Title: Re: Yellow Forest Pokéwalker Course

I'm planning on getting SoulSilver sometime this week, so hopefully, I'll have enough time to play before I can download the event. So excited.
Hmm...left my dA link in there. Disregard that. =P
Title: Pokemon Smash Preview for 12/22/12
File: 13556222930040.png (848px x 463px - 454.50 KiB)
Pokemon Smash preview. Note that Jynx is no longer her old color.
File: 12925410630054.jpg (342px x 192px - 12.95 KiB)
Chillarmy as if he was saying: "Oh yeah, check out this cuteness right here"
Dub, maybe, but not the Japanese release.
I like him.