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Title: Re: Two Original Pokémon Black and White Themed Nintendo DSi's Announced
They do look pretty neat though.
Title: Re: Best Wishes Opening and Ending Themes Announced
Hoping it is as great as Spurt!
Title: Re: DP 191: 思い出はパール!友情はダイヤモンド!!/omoide ha Pearl! yūjō ha Diamond!!
I'm also really going to miss Hikari and Pochama. Mostly Pochama, haha.
They've bought up Pokemon stylists again. I didn't watch the episode where they entered the contest so excuse me if i get this wrong. Anyone else think that Pokemon Musicals may have something to do with pokemon stylists? Since they have to dress up and all.

Hikari and Mimirol's photoshot may be an excuse for them to Isshu.
Title: Re: DP 189: シンオウリーグ準決勝!ダークライ登場!!/Sinnoh League junkesshō! Darkrai tōjō!!
Reshiram is more likely to appear ha. Actually, it'll probably appear before Ash in Isshu like Ho-Oh did when he first started in Kanto.
Title: Re: Was Misty the least important of all the female leads?
Ash did seem to improve a lot because May and Dawn were brought in to be the "beginners" that didn't know anything. Back then Ash was the beginner that didn't know anything so Misty and Brock, as more experienced trainers, had to explain to him and the viewers the basics of Pokemon.

I feel like they only wrote Misty out because they needed to introduce Pokemon Contests. She was already a well established battler, not a coordinator and to suddenly introduce her to contests would not seem right. She has said before that she loves water Pokemon because they are beautiful and contest battles are about beauty and appearances.

With all the new elements introduced to Pokemon and everything that has happened Misty does seem like the least important female character. I hope we get to see some of her before Ash sets off to Isshu.
What is with the size of Satoshi's eyes. He's supposed to be getting older, not younger.