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Title: Re: Character Guide Bios / Accuracy Check
When you watch the series in Japanese and actually get to know Dent's character, then perhaps you should comment. You aren't the first person to report that paragraph, but those that have watched and know the character Dent realize its satirical and have a good laugh. Don't visit Pokemopolis if you find something like *that* somehow offensive.

Oh for the record: "In the English closed captions for BW12, the transcribers listed Cilan as 'Cilas'. A quick google search for 'Cilas' and the first result is Cialis, an erectile dysfunction disorder drug." That is actually legit.

1. If I find a consistat sorce to watch the Japanese, I will do so. But going off of how someone acts, and just assuming something about them becuase of it isn't right. I have a lot of friends that if someone didn't know them, something could assumed about them that couldn't be farther from the truth.

2. I wasn't arguing the error, Just calling him gay, when it isn't true.

3. I'm not offended by the subject, just the fact that if someone who doesn't know Pokemon, or know it well would come here first for info, and not realize that this information isn't fact, that they might assume it so.

We are not a wiki, so comparing us to one is pointless. Wiki's are annoying and a waste of people learning wiki markup when they should just learn html.

I happen to love wikis if there well done and managed, but that's beside the point. It was just an example.

You are not our target audience. People that visit on a daily or weekly basis is our core audience.

I use to come here quite a bit, I was a guest though, I spent hours here going through imageborads. Something I'm reconsidering at the moment....

As previously stated, this was originally part of a hidden easter egg a few years ago, so new visitors wouldn't understand the reference. Just so you know, we do appreciate reporting legitimate mistakes. This however, was a misunderstanding taken a bit too far. Now that we have explained the situation, we hope you now clearly understand how we operate. Yes, we like to inject humor in our website from time to time, but when it comes down to actual reporting at live events, etc. not too many sites come close to the coverage we deliver. Thank you for visiting.

I do clearly understand, but I still don't agree with it, I believe there are other ways to keep people interested. I have no issue with adding humor, in fact a have a like for something that some might see as making fun of characters or the show, but I know not any harm is actually meant by it. My issue is with the fact, that unless you know a lot about that character and/or part of the series. Is unless you actually know to/wish to do some actually digging, people may not realize it isn't true. I understand where your coming from, believe it or not, I mean it certainly got me searching, but regardless, not everyone might. You should understand where I'm coming from as well. Here I'm trying to find as much info on the character as I can, because I want to know more. So I'm going though all my favorite sites, trying to find stuff. Then all of the sudden I come and see this, I'm taken back, because I have never heard any source talking about this, and I'll admit it, I'm quite a fan girl of this character, so "finding this out" I'm feeling rather down. And also puzzled, because none of the other sites I've checked mention it. So I start looking, only because I had the sudden thought to search your forum did I even ind out that this was fake. No one even touches on this but fans speculating (which was of no interest to me).

But upon finding out it was fake, my though immanently goes to what someone who has little to no knowledge of Pokemon might think if they saw this site first. There's nothing except in this forum to identify that the information is fake. While it true most people who come to sites like this, are probably Pokemon fans. I know a lot of people who are just getting into it, or know of it but don't know much about it, and on VERY rare occasions people who have never heard of it at all, that last one doesn't happen often though, lol. So that's where I'm coming from on this.

I don't follow many of the live events at the moment, so I won't argue that, simply because I don't know one way or the other.

I also hope I did't out right offend anyone, as that was not my intention, I just simply dislike the idea that it could be seen as fact when it isn't.
Title: Re: Character Guide Bios / Accuracy Check
I don't think it's funny.

And I've been a hardcore Pokemon fan for years, but had not gotten to see Best Wishes yet, I had taken it as fact at first, and I know a fair bit about Pokemon! If I was able to mistake it, what do you think someone who is just getting into Pokemon or has never seen it going to think!

This is a blatant, outright, and disgusting spread of misinformation! If you were a wiki, this information would be removed, and/or the page taken down! Nothing angers me more then someone spreading misinformation!

Your not even the number one source for info anymore, I can think of a ton of others that have more, and they give CORRECT info. I use to visit this site a lot a very long time ago, and had liked it a lot, now I come back, and this is what I find. I've never been more disgusted and disappointed with a website.
Title: Re: Character Guide Bios / Accuracy Check
Quote From: satoharu

someone needs to fix this page. some troll just made up some shit without any proof and just added it to the page. yes more than likely cilan is gay but brock never called him gay and gary didn't invite any of cilan's fangirls to his fan club.

in fact gary and brock never met cilan anyway

Quote From: satoharu

someone needs to fix this page. some troll just made up some shit without any proof and just added it to the page. yes more than likely cilan is gay but brock never called him gay and gary didn't invite any of cilan's fangirls to his fan club.

in fact gary and brock never met cilan anyway

While we are working on trying expand the bio section of the site to be accurate and detailed, there are some of the bio's paragraphs on the site that are intentionally written like that. Keeps people looking for stuff and interested, besides there is quite a bit of 'truth' in the paragraph :P People just need to have a sense of humour when reading some of the bio's paragraphs like that. There aren't that many 'easter eggs' on, you just happen to find one of them.[/quote]

satoharu: Actually they did meet once, though not sure it had hapened yet as of your post.

Sunain: Quite frankly, I don'r care if this is a necro or not! I find the spreading of misinformation "to get people searching" appalling! Brock never called Cilan gay, and your leaving it up is absurd! I have a notion to notify your affiliates and any other channel I can go though (and I have a lot!), and see what they would think of this!