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Title: Re: Global Spoiler Button
wow quick answer!
I mean this
"JDS has created a spoiler tag function that has been added to the website and can be used in any comment/input box on the site. "

Not navigating in the page but in the forum. i know there are one topic per episode, but On general topics talking about more than one episode on the same topic (if anyone create this) this could be usefull.
Title: Best Moments from DP, Battles and etc
Best episode? Best Battle? Most Creative Battles, best memories? etc..

I start
Best Episode
Haruka VS Shuu! The Final Battle!! (AG 184)

Best Battle
Haruka VS Shuu (AG 184)

Mostt Creative Battle:
Nozomi VS Naoshi (DP 176)

Funniest episode:
Pochama Runs Away! (DP 164)

Title: Re: Website Suggestions
PoolCutest pokémon, or put an rating in every pokémon to classify "cute level" judged by the fandom?
Integration with OpenID.
Title: Re: Global Spoiler Button
what about mark which episode you already seen, and an option to auto show spoiler if the person already seen the episde?
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door 4, trainers 0.
how could they lose to a door? LOL
could some one delete the empty reply
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door 3, trainers 0
File: 12751996480087.png (1280px x 720px - 525.79 KiB)
Door 2, trainers 0
File: 12751996110096.png (1280px x 720px - 446.71 KiB)
Second try