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Title: Re: Pokémon X and Y Friends Codes
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Title: Re: BW 1: イッシュ地方へ!ゼクロムの影!!/Isshu-chihō e! Zekrom no kage!!
I loved the movie-like intro and the new attack animations - especially those for Quick Attack and Iron Tail. I won't talk about the music, since everyone already knows how awesome it was. xD Aside from that, I really liked how Satoshi also had a myriad of expressions - thanks to the "reset" - perhaps more than he's shown in the whole of D&P.
Title: Re: Official Pokémon Black and White Site Updated - Pics Added
While the upgraded engine obviously is refreshing after 4 generations of a top-down view, owing to the DS's low res a lot of sprites are so downscaled as to reach the realm of no longer being visible, players having to rely on their palettes to identify them. I'm hoping there's a Camera Angle changer or a "GB Viewer" or something of the sort at least to allow you to go back to the top-down view after you're done with the story.
Title: Re: Nintendo announces 3DS
Quote From: UmbreonXD
Not sure what they mean by "3D effects without the need for any special glasses" or how they intend to do that, but sounds cool. But it almost makes me wonder if they're trying to make the Virtual Boy the right way. lol It'll be interesting to see what kinds of things they intend to do with it.

This is what will most probably find it's way into the handheld.
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Rainbow Road!
Title: 異議あり!
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