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Title: Re: Request: RSS feed for "Latest Images"
Ah, that RSS feed is almost what I'm talking about, but unfortunately, it doesn't contain the pictures themselves…. Would it be possible or practical to have the entries contain their threads' images, so that one may be able to see the pictures without opening each entry?

(In any case, using this feed is already much better than refreshing the home page and staring at the Latest Images box every so often. Thanks!)
Title: Request: RSS feed for
I hope that this isn't too out of place or aberrant. This is a humble feature request.

The Latest Images widget in the website's sidebar is very cool, and I often look at it when I visit. Oftentimes someone posts a really interesting picture that I would have missed otherwise (an example would be those of the Sugimori movie concept art thread).

It would be awesome if you create an RSS feed showing whatever images show up in the Latest Images slideshow. Pretty please?