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Title: Re: Lucario on Global Link - Koaruhie C-Gear
Just wanted to inform you that the UK/Australia password also works in Canada.

I tested it out and can confirm it. Finally something for us Canadians. :)
Title: Re: Rayquaza the Winner of the 15th Anniversary Vote
Quote From: Chance
I'm quite surprised that Rayquaza won. I was expecting Arceus or something. Anyway, I'm still glad it won, since it's one of my favorite legendaries.
But how will the Pokémon be distribued? Through the NWFC, or at the stores mentioned in the news?

Let's just hope we'll get a similar vote outside Japan in the near future!

And looks like at least 27 persons were wrong about the outcome of this vote :p

Actually, Arceus wasn't included as one the choices in the poll because it was never a game mascot.

Title: Re: 14th Pocket Monsters Movies made 4.33 Billion Yen in 2011, 5th Highest Grossing Movies in Japan
This basically goes to show that when Pokemon is attached to a project, it'll be successful no matter what.

I've seen both movies and thought they were both predictable and dreadful. The animation quality may have improved with new technology now-a-days, but couldn't they come out with an original plot?? Movie 8 was pretty good.

Here's hoping Kyurem VS The Sacared Swordsmen will be better.
Title: Re: Pokémon The Movie: White and Black Announced
I think it's only for movie theatres in the USA which is a shame because there are lots of Canadian Pokemon fans.

If they aired it here then I would totally take my nephews to go watch because..umm..they love Pokemon so much. Lol.
Title: Re: #Pocketmonsters on Mirc
Quote From: Adamant
No, but they are done manually rather than automatically. You don't need to register in order to join the channel, though.

Thanks for the reply.

I tried to join the channel yesterday, but got a message that it was closed to new registration...
Wow! I've never seen this one before! It looks pretty cool. Jakks is redeeming itself...